Itinerary Examples
7 Days - British Virgin Islands “Clockwise”

Norman Cay, Pelican Island, The Indians, Treasure Point, Willi T’s - Day 1

Immediately set sails upon your arrival at Nanny Cay Tortola. Your Crew will already have done the complete check-in for you. No need to wait for chart-briefings or provisioning runs in the heat. Walk from the taxi straight onto your yacht and head out to Norman Cay immediately on your fully provisioned, fueled and perfectly cleaned yacht. Stop at the Pelicans for one of the best snorkel sites in the Virgin Islands. Head on to Treasure Point, Privateer Bay and The Bight Bay for the night and take your fast tender to famous floating bar Willi T’s for drinks after dinner – a night you won’t forget!

Jost Van Dyke, Foxy’s, Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay, Pubbly Pools - Day 2

Despite dancing and partying at Willi T’s you can depart early for one of the most beautiful sails to Jost Van Dyke, through the Virgin Islands archipelago. Your crew can set sails for you early while you’re sleeping in and comfortably wake up to coffee and breakfast served just as you like it as you watch the sparkling waters and islands pass by. Take over the helm and join the sailing activities as much or as little as you want. Anchor in White Bay on Jost Van Dyke and take your tender to the pristine white sandy beaches. Order the island’s signature cocktail the “Painkiller” at the bar where it was invented, meet the inventor and owner of Foxy’s and hear his stories about his audition with the Queen of England. Hang your soggy dollars at the Soggy Dollar bar for extra luck or take a 30 minute hike to the “Pubbly Pools” on the northside of the island, where waves roll over the rocky northern coast into pools of water, turning them into the largest whirlpool on earth to play around in – all by the natural force of nature.

Guana, White Bay Beach, Monkey Point - Day 3

Sail to the uninhabited Sandy Spit and Sandy Island, the finest white sands with a few palm trees sticking out of the waters. Sail on to private island Guana and anchor in front of one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the Caribbean. Your crew will have towels and a cooler with drinks and goodies ready for your breach party. An entire day filled with the serenity of nature, snorkeling, watersports and your beautiful yacht right in front of you. A watersports, beach and relaxation day par excellence!

Virgin Gorda, Necker Island, Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, Gorda Peak National Park (or a Spa Day on Scrub Island) - Day 4

Sail to Virgin Gorda and anchor in the expansive Gorda Sound. Pass by Richard Branson’s private islands, and enjoy a day with shopping opportunities on Virgin Gorda, watersports around your yacht, or an exhilarating hike in the mountains on Virgin Gorda with unforgettable views. Take your tender to famous Saba Rock for drinks or dinner. 

Alternatively, skip Virgin Gorda and stay in the marina of Scrub Island, use the hotel pool and book spa appointments ahead at the resort’s spa.

Anegada, Scooter Trip, Loblolly Beach, Anegada Beach Club, Lobster Feast - Day 5

Sail 2-3 hours to Anegada, the most famous lobster island, a flat, sandy island with perfect roads for a scooter or beach buggy trip. Have your crew reserve scooters, motor cycles or beach buggies ahead for your party and take a ride over the flat island, past flamingo herds, beaches and bird sanctuaries to the famous beaches and beach bars at the northside of the island. Have your crew make reservations for you at one of the restaurants with the famous, fresh Anegada lobster from the grill, or choose a restaurant while exploring the island. Don’t miss out on fresh Anegada lobster.

The Baths & Cooper Island, Caves, Cliffs, Boulders, Cooper Island Beach Club, Coffee Shop, Rum Bar - Day 6

Sail 3-4 hours back down to The Baths on the south-east end of Virgin Gorda, swim or tender to shore and explore the natural wind-brushed boulder sanctuary with natural pools, caves, ladders formed by nature. Swim and sunbathe in pure Caribbean bliss. Sail on to Cooper Island to your pre-reserved mooring ball in the afternoon, in front of one of the most sough-after restaurants and bars in the Virgin Islands. This hot spot has a fantastic coffee shop, rum bar with delicacies from around the world, cocktail bar and restaurant, as well as two wonderful reefs for snorkeling.

Peter Island, Shipwreck Snorkel, Rohne Marine Park, Honeymoon Beach, Spa, Great Harbor - Day 7

Take a morning swim or snorkel at the reefs of Cooper island and head on to famous snorkel and dive sites with shipwrecks like the “Wreck of the Rhone” just 20 minutes from Cooper island. Sail on to private Peter Island, owned by the Amway founders. Drop anchor or moor in one of two amazing anchorages. Take long strolls over Peter Island’s wonderful palm-lined beaches, try to get a fresh coconut from a palm tree, have a drink at a beach bar, enjoy water sports and relaxation, or book an appointment in the spa of Peter Island’s luxury resort, a hideaway of many rich and famous when seeking to escape the masses. Celebrate your sailing vacation with an amazing dinner and cheer to the incredible life you have been given, while your crew sails you to Nanny Cay Marina where you can step off your yacht as your taxi arrives and drive off into a bright future, energized, rejuvenated with new clarity and vision, inspired by the most exhilarating Caribbean week. No need to do anything around the boat. Your crew does it all for you so that you can enjoy every minute of your travels.

10-Days - British & US Virgin Islands

Same as 7-day itinerary, but with St. John & St. Thomas at the beginning on days 2-4

St. Thomas, zip lining, spa, beach club, party, shopping - Day 3

Spend another day on St. John or venture on to St. Thomas for a day of shopping in Charlotte Amalie, zip-lining, roaming across the expansive island by taxi, rental car or scooter, party at a beach club, tie up with other yachts at a yacht gathering, or enjoy another day of beach, snorkeling and watersports at your leisure.

Day 4-10: Jost van Dyke, Sandy Island, Sandy Cay, Guana, Scrub, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, The Baths, Cooper Island, Peter Island

Sail the beautifully breezy leg from St. Thomas to Jost van Dyke, clear back into the BVI and continue on the 7-Day itinerary as outlined above. Thankfully your crew is taking care of all customs clearance for you while you sip on painkillers and margaritas, having the time of your life. This is yachting at its best.