7 Days - British Virgin Islands “Clockwise”
Norman Cay, Pelican Island, The Indians, Treasure Point, Willi T’s - Day 1...

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Whiteglove Sailing – the Caribbean the way you envisioned it!

The enchanting archipelagos of the Virgin Islands feature everything a Caribbean sailing vacation should include: pristine waters, quiet coves, uninhabited islands, perfect beaches, coconut palm trees & tropical vegetation, phenomenal snorkeling among healthy reefs and wrecks, sun and perfect temperatures in cooling tradewind breezes, exquisite food, legendary beach bars, world-class beach-side restaurants, no mass tourism, no large hotel resorts - only nature, secluded beaches, yachts and luxury villas.

Simply: a pristine paradise with luxury and convenience whenever you want it.

And: your own 5-star crew which caters to your wishes and your own luxury yacht which takes you wherever you want.

Sports: water & sports & heaven

From some of the best sailing and watersports conditions, one-of-a-kind dive sites, spas, exhilarating hikes to waterfalls and mountain peaks, to every leisure watersports imaginable: sail, dive, kite, surf, foil, swim, hike, golf, read or doze the days away in a breeze - whatever you feel like.

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Temperature: perfectly

The Virgin Islands have the ideal weather and temperature: the gentle, cooling breeze keeps the Caribbean sun in perfect balance and temperatures primarily in the upper 20s Celsius and upper 80s Fahrenheit.

With your Yacht being completely air-conditioned, with separate thermostatic controls in every stateroom and salon, the generator smartly positioned and insulated, and luxury mattresses and bedding in your ensuite stateroom, your sleep will be as recharging every night as you could ever imagine. Gets more out of every day, every activity, every adventure.